Arte Artifacts

Arte Artifacts was established to build relationships with artisan producers and through these collaborations help to support meaningful employment and ensure the survival of awe-inspiring traditional crafts.


Following the replatforming all of Arte Artifacts storefronts to Shopify Plus we analyzed customer behavior for several months and identified opportunities to significantly increase Bohemia’s sales. We optimised Arte Artifacts’s sales funnel by implementing exit pop-up campaigns that led to an immediate lift in sales. We followed up with new Welcome pop-up campaigns designed to increase and engagement and capture data all while split testing campaign messaging to ensure each point of the customer journey is optimized.

Since launching on Plus and partnering with Barron Martins:

Arte Artifacts’s sales routinely quadruple month over month
Sales recently doubled after a key CRO integration
Sales growth has been sustained in the twelve months following the integration
Exit offer conversion rates are as high as 68%


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